The Duet Stereo Looper was designed in the USA by Design Engineer Ray
Heasman.  Ray was instrumental in the design of the very popular Pigtronix® 
Infinity Looper and the Pigtronix® Echolution 2.  XVIVE asked him to create a unique mini looper that would be more than just another “me too” entry into the market place.  

What he designed was a revolutionary way of allowing both series recording and playback of two loops.  The new Verse/Chorus works beautifully with the Undo/Redo mode and has excellent low frequency Response. 

The stereo inputs have high headroom and an extremely low latency 
response (<1.5ms) to user inputs.  The outputs are stereo and of course it is true bypass.  There is USB support for future updates and upgrades. 

We think the new Duet Stereo Looper is very special.  We hope you enjoy this pedal and will do so for many years.

Xvive Duet Looper


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