Sound that keeps on giving

Dynamic, distinctive, classic. The Vintage Drop Shoulder Acoustic is designed to meet the needs of the modern musician on a budget. This is a truly affordable solid top. And, it's an instrument that will stay with you for years to come. The more you play this Drop Shoulder, the more its tone opens up, and grows with time. Rich, strong, articulate.

Dynamics that allow you to play, your way. With a solid spruce top, you have an unmatched soundboard for versatile playing. Giving you the platform you need to play almost anything you desire. And, thanks to broad dynamics and spruce's truly versatile nature, this Vintage Acoustic will always respond to your individuality beautifully. Married to the Drop Shoulder's solid top are mahogany back and sides. Adding warmth, texture, and plenty of depth to your sound. Dark, rich, and resonant in tone, the Drop Shoulder Acoustic delivers a truly classic character. Enjoy a strong acoustic sound with a familiar, authentic warmth you've all heard before on old-school records. Classic acoustic tone that can handle almost anything you throw at it. It's time to play with freedom.

Powerful with a responsive nature

Bold, rich, full. Bringing you the ultimate blend of a traditional dreadnought tone with a dynamic, responsive attitude. This Vintage Acoustic is ideal for any guitarist or singer/songwriter needing a reliable, and versatile instrument for improving technique and playing around with different styles. You can dig in hard with a heavier strum, and it will respond exactly how you want it to when playing lighter picking styles too - rare and distinct.

Play whatever your mood desires. From blues and country to rock, folk, pop, and much more. It's truly ideal for chunky rhythms, country licks, and more delicate picking styles. You can compose your own music, and be as dynamic as you like, it won't let you down. Plus, this Drop Shoulder Acoustic still maintains that bold, familiar, commanding dreadnought tone. Big in sound and smooth to play with a rumbling sonic richness. Take your music to the next level with Vintage...

Modernisation and authenticity - combined

Distinctive with an old-school vibe. The Vintage Historic Series is designed for those with a vintage flare. It's budget-friendly and offers an array of modern features to ensure this instrument plays, feels, and sounds just as it should. Summoning style of days gone by, and combining it with contemporary design for your benefit. So, not only does this instrument look fantastic, but it provides the smooth, desirable playability we all crave from an acoustic guitar. Comfortable, and perfect for the modern industry.

Enhanced tone

Thoughtful. This Vintage Drop Shoulder Acoustic features a unique bridge design. The Vintage's bridge has been moved further away from the soundhole, encouraging the acoustic to produce a stronger tone. Sonically, moving the bridge allows this Drop Shoulder Acoustic to deliver faster dynamics and a stronger mid-range. By enhancing the dynamics and mid-range, this Historic Series Acoustic has a truly distinctive character. And, it's versatile enough to see you through a wide variety of music. So, whatever your style - you're covered with the Vintage Acoustic.

Vintage V660AQ

  • Body & Bridge

    • Top Material: Solid Spruce

    • Body Material: Mahogany

    • Body Type: Drop Shoulder Dreadnought

    • Bridge Material: Lignum Rosa

    • Body Finish: Open Pore

    • Colour: Aged

    • Rosette: Single Ring

    Neck & Fingerboard

    • Neck Join: 12th Fret

    • Neck Finish: Open Pore

    • Fingerboard Material: Lignum Rosa


    • Hardware Colour: Aged Nickel