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Ringing with vibrance. The mahogany back and sides of this beautifully crafted gem bring out a real depth and warmth in your overall tone – perfect for making each note sound rich and distinctive, while the cedar top projects it with smoothness and richness. This guitar boasts a sublimely smooth voicing, and will get everyone dancing with its unbeatable sound.


Nothing but the best. The special Tanglewood TW-EX4 preamp system installed in the Roadster II Dreadnought Cutaway is exceptional. With a 4-band EQ section, it gives you unrivalled control over your amplified tone, meaning you can get the exact sound you want from your instrument. Boasting quality engineering, it preserves the natural tone of your acoustic perfectly, ensuring that you always sound your best at live shows and when practising. A convenient built-in tuner also helps to make life easier by letting you tune up on the spot. This preamp is a powerhouse, and it will serve you well.


For the modern player. This guitar is a true pleasure hold. It has a sublime mahogany neck which lets you move around the fretboard smoothly. The cutaway body shape allows you to reach the higher frets with ease - you can access every note. And the eboncore fretboard adds some tonal brightness to your sound, balancing out the warmth of the mahogany neck. You'll find that your fingers feel totally at home on these pristine, well-crafted tools, and that you can express yourself on the Roadster II Dreadnought Cutaway freely.

Tanglewood R2 DCE

£299.00 Regular Price
£279.00Sale Price
  • Body

    • Model Name: Tanglewood TWR2 DCE Roadster II
    • PC: TWR2-DCE
    • Shape: Cutaway Dreadnought
    • Top: Cedar
    • Back: Mahogany
    • Sides: Mahogany
    • Finish: Natural Satin

    Neck and Fingerboard

    • Fingerboard: Eboncore
    • Neck: Mahogany

    Hardware and Electronics

    • Bridge: Black Walnut
    • Electronics: Tanglewood Tw-Ex4
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