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Warm, smooth, and resounding. Mahogany is a tonewood which sings whenever it vibrates, giving your notes that richness and thickness which sounds simply sublime. Being used for all aspects of this guitar, including the back, sides, and top, it takes control of your tone, giving it that purring, sonorous quality. You can expect chords to have a deep, all-encompassing ring, whilst picked notes sound full and fat. The Venetian cutaway shape then lets you finger all those upper frets, allowing you to really make your melodies sing.


Get plugged in


Need a little extra volume? The Tanglewood Discovery is here to accommodate, courtesy of its TW-EX4. This ingenious preamp offers a superb reproduction of your natural tone. In addition, it provides four sound shaping controls so that you can find the ideal setting for your situation. A three band EQ and presence dial let you sculpt the tone to your taste, while a phase switch button and volume knob increase your options even further. But that's not all! A built-in chromatic tuner ensures you'll always have the correct pitch, whether you're practicing at home or tuning up before the gig.

Tanglewood Discovery Auditorium Venetian Cutaway

  • SHAPE Auditorium Venetian Cutaway
    TOP Mahogany
    BACK Mahogany
    SIDES Mahogany
    FINGERBOARD Eboncore
    BRIDGE Eboncore
    STRINGS Bronze 12-53
    ELECTRONICS Tanglewood TW-EX4
    FINISH Thru Sunburst Gloss
    Full Specification DBTVCESBG
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