The Tanglewood "Auld Trinity" TW-OT-2E Folk Acoustic showcases a stunning mahogany body and solid spruce top, coated with a satin finish. It's a Tanglewood masterpiece. Dive into a sea of warm, resonant tones; deliver each note with crystal-clear articulation; and project your tone gloriously to the back of the room. You'll be engulfed in a magical playing experience.


The super folk shape of this beautiful acoustic promises exceptional playability. Its narrow design allows you to bring the instrument closer to you, granting more manoeuvrability whilst strumming or fingerpicking. Its versatility knows no bounds, meaning you can explore a range of genres whilst always having a beautifully rich tone. What's more, thanks to the Fishman Presys I preamp, achieving sparkling amplification is easy, and it'll be perfectly sculpted to your own personal taste.


A heavenly construction


Mahogany, spruce, and a magnificent satin finish. It's the guitar body trinity that every guitarist dreams of, and it needs no decoration. Tanglewood have embraced the natural excellence that only an acoustic can provide. A gorgeously clear tone and incredible dynamics are produced by spruce, and with the TW-OT-2E you'll come to see why it's counted on time and again for guitar body tops. The satin finish then not only boasts dazzling looks, but it also allows the wood to breathe, giving you enhanced resonance and sustain. This teams perfectly with mahogany back and sides. Mahogany delivers wondrous warmth and richness, perfect for a full-bodied sound. Explore beautiful sonic balance and deliver every note with depth and power, you'll have your audience mesmerised in seconds.


Sensational playability


The smooth eboncore fingerboard of the TW-OT-2E Super Folk begs your fearless fretting. It is silky to touch and promises a seamless, balanced sound to match. And providing even more sublime playability is the super folk body shape. Its shallow design brings the guitar closer to you and allows for immense freedom when strumming or fingerpicking.


Give your sound some oomph


...without losing a touch of the acoustic beauty that mahogany and spruce provide. Equipped on the upper bout of this guitar is the Fishman Presys I preamp, a system that allows for precise sound sculpting and easy tuning. With a 3-band EQ, phase, and volume controls, you'll be able to shape your tone until it is undeniably yours. Be recognisable from the first strum. And thanks to the handy built-in tuner, you can be sure to always sound immaculate. Plug in, amp up, and let that glorious acoustic goodness soar to new heights.

Tanglewood Auld Trinity

  • SHAPE Super Folk
    TOP Solid Spruce
    BACK Mahogany
    SIDES Mahogany
    FINGERBOARD Eboncore
    BRIDGE Eboncore
    STRINGS Bronze 12-53
    ELECTRONICS Fishman Presys I
    FINISH Natural Distressed Satin
    Full Specification TWOT2E