There are few tones more utilized in the Rock’n Roll vernacular than that of the Rats. Inspired by over 30 years of vintage distortion tone, the Rats reproduces the sounds beloved by the likes of Doug Aldrich, but in a completely noise-free and transparent circuitry that is respectful of your base tone


Designer Ugo Baroni and manager Chicco Bellini are constantly involved with researching, developing and working with professional musicians to ensure quality standards.

The Italian company are endorsed by some huge names. The likes of Steve Lukather from Toto, Adrian Belew formerly of King Crimson and Motorhead's Phil Campbell joined this new project to deliver exciting effects pedals.

Most cheaper pedals are constructed using SMD components, making it easy to install by machines. But all Foxgear pedals are carefully hand-built with non-SMD, true bypass circuitry and analogue design, ensuring completely transparent effects. All covered by a five-year warranty.

Foxgear RATS (Classic Distortion)

    • FILTER: Passive EQ filter
    • GAIN: set the level of distortion
    • VOLUME: set the level of the pedal
    • Power In 9 to 12VDC (negative TIP)
    • Consumption at 9V <100mA 
    • Width 60mm. (2,3”)
    • Lenght 120mm. (4,7”)
    • Height 30mm. (1,1”)
    • Weight 0,2Kg. (0,4lbs)