The V2 CTO-2 Transparent Overdrive has no less than four DIP switches situated in the base of the battery compartment, 3 of which allow the user to choose soft, medium, or hard clipping distortion types (red LED, blue LED or FET clipping). The fourth DIP switch provides a +6 dB gain boost; over the standard +6dB clean boost the pedal offers, that's a stonking +12dB of total gain on tap! 

Meantime, the treble and bass boost/cut EQ available on the middle dual concentric control allows more refinement in the overdriven sound, like the crunch channel on an amp, where the sound can be kept more defined.

Turning the Volume right up provides the basic +6dB clean boost too, ideal, say, for modern nu-country lead guitar sounds where you want a touch of bite and grit in the sound.

Danelectro Transparent Overdrive V2


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