The WK-7600 offers the same excitingspecification as the CTK-7200 but offers the added benefit of 76 touchsensitive piano shaped keys. Perfect forthe more piano oriented keyboard player.

• 76 touch sensitive, piano shaped keys
• Increased tone selection - 820 built in sounds, 100 user tonesto store ‘created’ sounds
• Increased rhythms selection - 260 orchestratedaccompaniment styles inc. ethnic patterns
• Powerful 9 step flute sliders recreate theflexibility of a traditional drawbar organ
• New 5 setting graphic equalizer function
• Audio record and playback – record realsound via the microphone socket
• Store audio recordings to (optional) SD card,convert data to WAV format
• Song sequencer with 16 tracks (+ 1 system) withup to 20 song internal storage
• USB (to host) socket for easy connection to PC

Casio WK-7600


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