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With the all new AiX sound source, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve with the CT-X700. Explore 600 instrument tones, over 190 styles and an endless variety of musical possibilities.


AiX Sound Source

Newly developed for the CT-X range, AiX stands for Acoustic Intelligent Expression. This new technology means that sounds and styles are more expressive than ever before.


Smartphone Pad

The audio input and class compliant USB connectors make it easy to connect your smartphone.  Put your device on the integrated pad while you use your favourite apps. 


Music Lessons and Presets

Built-in lessons help you learn to play, plus 310 Music Presets provide quick start setups of popular sounds and styles. 


Record and Edit

Capture your inspiration with the 6 track song recorder, or explore new drum kits and accompaniments with the rhythm editor. 


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