Blackstar FS-10
The Blackstar ID: Series FS-10 footcontroller offers up a whole host of flexible options depending on how you work on stage. You get three modes that allow you to either use it to switch between patches like a tradtional 4 button footswtich or get more creative with the Effects mode (a sort of 'stompbox-mode' that lets you switch individual FX) and Navigation mode that allows you quick access to all 128 patches stored on your ID series amp!

Only works with Blackstar ID Series Amps

Access to all 128 patches plus the tuner function

Patch Mode allows you to switch between the three banks of tour patches accessible on the front panel of the amp

Effects Mode offers individual switching of the effects within a patch and control the tap time function

Navigation mode enables access to the complete set of 128 patches stored on the amp

Blackstar FS-10


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